To whom it may concern,

Without reservation, I offer this testimonial to the design expertise and command of project management process that defines Rena Poulsen as an accomplished interior designer. Rena Poulsen worked as lead interior designer on the account of the world’s largest restauranteur as it struggled to find a new design identity. Rena played an integral role in the development and integration of multiple interior designs for that restaurant chain. The design concepts she developed were recognized first in Canada and then by the international parent company as ground breaking and integral to the development of a new face for the company.

Rena Poulsen brings a full complement of skills to the table and she has a thorough understanding of the roles of each partner in a project. Rena is a good listener and is skilled at discerning client’s wishes and how to bring them to fruition in the design and project management environment. Rena can prepare specifications and drawings that are accurate and easily understood by clients, industry professionals, building authorities and trades people.

Rena Poulsen has the design prowess to provide the whole package from project inception to its successful completion. If the reader requires any further confirmation on her skills, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

Sincerely yours,
Derek James
James Design Build
Former Project Manager for McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Ltd.

Dear Rena,

If the beauty you brought to our home is any indication of what’s inside of you – you must be a beautiful person, indeed! Thank you for the fine job you did.  We will enjoy it very much – and when I sit in our living room, I’ll always think of you!!

Linda and Brian

Our family has owned and operated Pacific Sands Beach Resort since 1973 and since that time has expanded and updated many of our Guest Units. During the mid to late 1990’s, Rena and her partner assisted us with two very successful upgrades to our Light House Suites and Beach Front Suites. Their design work involved taking a dated interior and transforming it to a more timeless West Coast look. Due to the success of these 2 smaller projects we decided to use their services again when we designed our Beach Villas in 2003.

Working closely with the architect, myself and our vision, the design of the interior of the villas blended seamlessly with the overall design of the architecture and the natural surroundings. The selection of warm natural materials like slate and fir really brought out that west coast feel that our property is famous for.

Rena herself had custom designed the fir furniture and we worked closely with a local manufacturer on the island to supply the entire project.

Our clients have given us great feedback since the completion of our Villas and have even asked for some of the design specifications for their own personal residences.

There was a lot of coordinating to make the project complete on time and on budget and in the end it all came together nicely.

Rena is very pleasant to work with, we are very happy with the outcome and would recommend her for any of your design needs.

Dave Pettinger
Pacific Sands Beach Resort
Tofino BC

I would like to thank Rena for designing our dream home. After weeks of looking at house designs and not finding quite what we were looking for, we presented Rena with a seemingly impossible list of wants and desires. After looking at our lot and our list she went to work designing a home that exceeded our expectations.

Rena’s ability to visualize the finished product and help us see it was unparalleled. Our final design took advantage of our view and amazingly gave us everything we wanted and more.

We have Rena to thank for many of the fine details that make this our home.

Craig Hobbis

We were looking to build our dream home and by chance, we met Rena, who was in the processing of selling a home she had conceptualized and built herself. After touring her house, we were stunned with how many elements of this home satisfied our wish list, so we put in an offer, and are thrilled that we are now living in our dream home.

What makes this house so perfect for us and impressive is that it pulls together the best of architectural design, floor plan efficiency and aesthetic finishing with functionality. Everyone who visits comments on how incredibly beautiful and modern the home looks but also how comfortable and inviting the space feels.

Our experience of Rena is that she is an incredibly talented designer who possesses a great sense of style, texture, and colour. You can see this reflected throughout our home. She oozes creativity and her warm and generous personality makes her a pleasure to know.

Rae Ann & Michael Charalambous

I have known Rena Poulsen for six years and when I decided to build a suite above my garage she helped me on every phase of the construction process. She designed the layout and was able to put all of my dreams into reality for the 600sq foot space we had to work with.

Rena has an outstanding knowledge of planning and designing a home. She helped me with the colours of the walls and gave me some great ideas of flooring for my new abode and was able to work within my budget.

Four years later I have no problems renting the suite out because of the simplicity and beauty of her unique ideas that she had in the building process. Deciding to build this addition to my home not only provided an income from this rental suite but has also increased the value of my property.

I have seen other projects that Rena has completed, and have found that Rena is able to look ahead right down to the small details that makes any house into a warm and inviting home.

Tricia Watson